2001 Keystone RV Prices, Values and Specs

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Keystone RV Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Prices include air conditioner, awning, stabilizer jacks, microwave, AM/FM cassette stereo and water heater with DSI. Challenger and Hornet previously listed under Damon Corporation.

2001 Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - (*) In addition to what is standard, the Everest line for 2001 also include 2 refrigerators(1 w/ice maker), 32'' TV, DVD, surround sound, 200 CD/juke box, fireplace with mantle, and upgraded vent. CD player for Springdale/Sprinter IPO cassette player.

(2017 - 1997)

5th Wheel

Challenger Series

M-28 ML

M-29 RKB

M-29 TIB

M-31 RL

M-32 RLB

M-32 TIB

M-32 TKB

M-33 MIB

M-36 TKB

Cougar Series

M-245 EFS

M-278 EFS

M-276 EFS

M-279 EFS

M-281 EFS

M-295 EFS

Everest Series

M-36 IG (*)

M-38 GS (*)

Hornet Lite Series

M-215 HL

M-225 HL

M-235 HL

Hornet Series

M-255 L

M-255 R

M-265 L

M-285 L

M-285 R

M-295 R

M-305 L

M-315 L

Laredo Series

M-25 RL

M-27 RK

M-27 RL

M-27 RLD

Montana Series

M-2750 RK

M-2850 RK

M-2880 RL

M-2955 RL

M-3150 RK

M-3250 RK

M-3255 RL

M-3280 RL

M-3555 RL

M-3670 RL

Springdale Series

M-225 RDL

M-239 RBLS

M-240 RKLS

M-245 RLLS

M-255 BHLS

M-260 BHL





Sprinter Series

M-250 RKS

M-252 RLS

M-262 RLS

M-264 BH

M-265 RK

M-274 RKS

M-275 BHS

M-280 RKS

M-276 RLS

M-282 RLS

M-285 RKS

M-304 RKS

M-305 RKS

M-327 RLS

M-345 BHS

M-350 BHS

Tail-Gator Series

M-329 T5

Travel Trailers

Bobcat Series

M-170 SB

M-200 SB

M-201 SB

M-202 SB

M-215 SB

M-249 EB

M-248 EB

M-277 EBS

M-280 EB

Cabana Series







Challenger Series

M-27 RB

M-32 FK

M-32 FL

M-33 FK

Hornet Lite Series

M-21 FL

M-24 FL

M-24 BL

M-24 QL

M-25 FL

Hornet Series

M-27 H

M-27 C

M-27 L

M-27 R

M-28 B

M-28 F

M-29 B

M-29 H

M-28 R

M-30 F

M-31 F

M-32 F

M-32 R

M-33 F

M-35 F

M-35 H

Litehouse Series

M-17 CD

M-20 CL

M-21 CL

M-23 BH

M-23 SSE

M-25 RB

M-25 SS

Montana Mountaineer Series

M-265 FK

M-275 FSS

M-285 FBS

M-305 FKS

M-315 RLS

Springdale Series

M-190 FDL

M-215 FDL

M-225 FBL

M-245 FBL

M-250 RKLS

M-247 FBLS

M-260 CKLS

M-260 TBL

M-270 BHLS

M-280 FKL



M-2903 BL



M-372 TB XL

Sprinter Series

M-244 TB

M-248 RB

M-249 RKS

M-259 RBS

M-260 RBS

M-265 BH

M-274 RLS

M-275 FK

M-275 FKS

M-290 FLS

M-301 BH

M-305 FK

M-295 RKS

M-303 BHS

M-315 FKS

M-360 FKS

M-365 BHS

M-377 TBS

M-380 BWS

Tail-Gator Series

M-235 RR

M-255 RR

A Goshen, Indiana company created in 1996, Keystone RV produces an extensive range of travel and fifth wheel trailers. Designing trailers between 17 and 42 feet in length, lightweight construction and an aerodynamic profile is a leading quality of Keystone RV products. Keystone RV has quickly gained popularity in the recreational vehicle industry becoming a top-selling trailer name in the United States.