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MOTORHOMES - Used values not available due to limited resale activity. No further information available after 2010.

(2010 - 2000)

Tow Vehicles

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Aluminum Bed

Ranchand Series

Freightliner EXT FC/S (6 Speed)

Freightliner EXT FL/S (6 Speed)

Freightliner EXT FS/S (6 Speed)

Freightliner CC FC/S (6 Speed)

Freightliner CC FL/S (6 Speed)

Freightliner CC FS/S (6 Speed)

International CC IC/S (6 Speed)

International CC IL/S (6 Speed)

International CC IS/S (6 Speed)

Kenworth CC KC/S (6 Speed)

Kenworth CC KL/S (6 Speed)

Peterbuilt CC PC/S (6 Speed)

Peterbuilt CC PL/S (6 Speed)

Kenworth 3D KXC/S (6 Speed)

Kenworth 3D KXL/S (6 Speed)

Peterbuilt 3D PXC/S (6 Speed)

Peterbuilt 3D PXL/S (6 Speed)

A Florida-based hauler and motorhome manufacturer, Cowboy Cadillac converts custom vehicles based on large commercial grade trucks. Built to offer a high-level of luxury and comfort, Cowboy Cadillac products range from 20 to 45 feet in length. Cowboy Cadillac custom construction allows their products to flexibly adapt to recreational and commercial buyers.