2001 Camplite by Keystone Camping Trailer Prices and Specs

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Camplite by Keystone Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - For information prior to 2001, see Camplite by Damon. No longer producing this line.

(2001 - 2001)

Camping Trailers

M-8 SD

M-8 UD

M-10 SG

M-10 UD

M-1906 SL

M-1916 SLS

M-12 SG

M-12 UD

M-14 ST

M-2206 SL

M-2208 SL

M-2216 SLE

M-2217 SLE

M-2218 SL

M-2406 SLE

M-2408 SLE

After being produced by Damon from 1996 to 2000, the Camplite line of camping trailers were assembled under Keystone during the 2001 model year. Camplite by Keystone offered a variety of pop-up trailers from 17 to 24 feet in length with slide out sections available on some models. Camplite by Keystone could sleep up to 8 adults at a campground.