2001 Allegro Prices, Values and Specs

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2001 Note

MOTORHOMES - 2001 prices include (2)air conditioners(Zephyr-3), generator, convection/microwave (where available) 2 TV's, driver side door (except Bus series), back-up camera/monitor, heated power mirrors, CD stereo, patio awning. Zephyr also has ''in motion satellite.'' Zephyr and Bus series has custom mud flaps and surround sound.

(2017 - 1973)


M-26IA Workhorse

M-28PA Ford (18k)

M-28PA Workhorse

M-29OA Ford (18k)

M-29OA Workhorse

M-31DA Ford (18k)

M-31DA Ford (20k)

M-31DA Workhorse

M-31IA Ford (18k)

M-31IA Ford (20k)

M-31IA Workhorse

M-31UA Ford (18k)

M-31UA Ford (20k)

M-31UA Workhorse

M-33DA Ford (18k)

M-33DA Ford(20k)

M-33DA Workhorse

Allegro Bay Series

M-34DB Ford(20k)

M-34IB Ford (20k)

M-35RB Caterpillar 330hp

M-35RB Cummins 260hp

M-35RB Cummins 300hp

M-36DB Ford (20k)

M-37IB Caterpillar 330hp

M-37IB Cummins 300hp

Allegro Bus Series

M-32IP Cummins 300hp

M-35IP Caterpillar 330hp

M-35IP Cummins 300hp

M-35RP Caterpillar 330hp

M-35RP Cummins 300hp

M-37TP Caterpillar 330hp

M-39IP Cummins 330hp

M-39RP Cummins 330hp

M-40OP Cummins 330hp

M-40RP Cummins 330hp

Phaeton Series

M-35RH Caterpillar 330hp

M-35RH Cummins 260hp

M-35RH Cummins 300hp

M-37IH Caterpillar 330hp

M-37IH Cummins 300hp

Zephyr Series

M-40CZ Cummins 450hp

M-40OZ Cummins 450hp

M-42OZ Cummins 450hp

M-42RZ Cummins 450hp

Built under Tiffin Motorhomes, the Allegro brand began humbly in 1972 as a business that built two a day. Originally building Class C motorhomes, Allegro currently builds a wide range of Class A recreational vehicles ranging up to almost 45 feet in length. Allegro motorhomes are built to be top-of-the-line vehicles constructed on sturdy chassis frames. There attention to practicality with abundant storage is a trademark.