2000 Sako Prices, Values and Specs

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Sako Note

PARK MODELS - No further information available after 2001.

(2001 - 2000)

Park Models

Hampton Series

M-1124 FF/Loft 2-Bedroom

M-1101 1Bedroom

M-1101 Loft 1 Bedroom

M-1102 1 Bedroom

M-1102 FF/Loft 1 Bedroom

M-1102 Loft 1-Bedroom

M-1103 1-Bedroom

M-1104 LE 1-Bedroom

M-1105 2-Bedroom

M-1106 Loft 1-Bedroom

M-1107 2-Bedroom

M-1108 1-Bedroom

M-1109 1-Bedroom

M-1110 Loft 1-Bedroom

M-1111 1-Bedroom

M-1113 LE 1-Bedroom

M-1115 LE 1-Bedroom

M-1116 1-Bedroom

M-1117 LE 1-Bedroom

M-1118 1-Bedroom

M-1119 LE 1-Bedroom

M-1120 1-Bedroom

M-1121 1-Bedroom

M-1122 1-Bedroom

M-1127 FF/Loft 1-Bedroom

M-1203 2-Bedroom

M-1204 1-Bedroom

M-1204 Loft 1-Bedroom

M-1206 Loft 2-Bedroom

M-1207 Loft 2-Bedroom

M-1211 1-Bedroom

M-1212 1-Bedroom

M-1112 LE 1-Bedroom

Rifle River Series

M-121 2-Bedroom

M-121 Bunks With Ladder A

M-121 R. Loft 2-Bedroom

M-121 R. Loft Bunk 2-Bedroom

M-122 A, B OR C 1-Bedroom

M-123 2-Bedroom

M-110 1-Bedroom

M-110 C. Loft 1-Bedroom

M-110 DBL Loft 1Bedroom

M-110 R. Loft 1-Bedroom

M-111 1-Bedroom

M-111 Bunks 1-Bedroom

M-112 1-Bedroom

M-112 Bunks 1-Bedroom, ABC

M-113 1-Bedroom

M-114 1-Bedroom

A brand of park models, Sako introduced their product line of temporary vacation residences during the 2000 model year. Available in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 feet, Sako park models are ideal for general relaxation or for hunting. The 2001 model year was the final time Sako park models were sold.