2000 Renegade Custom Coaches Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 2000 Renegade Custom Coaches Series

(2018 - 2000)


Motorhome Series

M-22LQ, Freightliner 300hp

M-22LQ, Freightliner 330hp

M-22LQ, Freightliner 430hp

M-22LQ, Kenworth 275hp

M-22LQ, Kodiak 300hp

M-26LQ, Freightliner 300hp

M-26LQ, Freightliner 330hp

M-26LQ, Freightliner 430hp

M-26LQ, Kenworth 275hp

M-26LQ, Kodiak 300hp

M-28LQ, Freightliner 300hp

M-28LQ, Freightliner 330hp

M-28LQ, Freightliner 430hp

M-28LQ, Kenworth 275hp

M-28LQ, Kodiak 300hp

M-30LQ, Freightliner 300hp

M-30LQ, Freightliner 330hp

M-30LQ, Freightliner 430hp

M-30LQ, Kenworth 275hp

M-30LQ, Kodiak 300hp

Toterhome Series

M-13LQ, Freightliner 300hp

M-13LQ, Freightliner 330hp

M-13LQ, Freightliner 430hp

M-13LQ, Kenworth 275hp

M-13LQ, Kodiak 300hp

M-16LQ, Freightliner 300hp

M-16LQ, Freightliner 330hp

M-16LQ, Freightliner 430hp

M-16LQ, Kenworth 275hp

M-16LQ, Kodiak 300hp

Targeting the luxury-oriented recreational vehicle customer, Renegade Custom Coaches build high quality, tailor-made motorhomes. Since 1997, Renegade Custom Coaches Class A motorhomes have been constructed around transport truck frames with fine, home-like touches in large well-appointed interiors. The motorhomes manufactured by Renegade Custom Coaches range from 25 to 45 feet in length. All Renegade Custom Coaches are personalized from the factory to the tastes of the new owner.