2000 Mity-Lite Prices, Values and Specs

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Mity-Lite Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - For information before 1998, see Idle-Time. Water heater, air conditioner, awning, microwave and stereo are included in price as standard equipment.

(2015 - 1998)

5th Wheel

Mity-Lite Series

M-2390 FBH

M-2550 FRB

Mt. Home Series

M-260 F S/S (7')

M-265 F S/S (7')

M-270 F D/S (14')

M-286 F D/S (14')

M-296 F D/S (14')

Travel Trailers

Mity-Lite Series

M-1810 RB

M-2100 FQB

M-2150 BH

M-2300 FQR

M-2350 BH

Mt. Home Series

M-2300 FQR

M-2350 BH

M-250 RK

M-255 BH

M-260 FBR

M-260 S/S (7')

M-250 S/S (7')

M-280 D/S (14')

M-280 FK

M-285 D/S (14')

M-285 FLR

M-290 D/S (14')

M-300 D/S (14')

M-300 BH

M-320 FKGT

A trailer manufacturer based in the state of Alabama, Mity-Lite brand recreational vehicles entered production during the 1998 model year. Ranging from 18 to 34 feet in length, the Mity-Lite line of travel trailers are complemented by a selection of fifth wheel trailers ranging up to 29 feet long. All Mity-Lite trailers are self-contained to easy setup at the campground for family or group vacationing.