2000 Hy-Line Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Hy-Line Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Air conditioner, double door refrigerator, water heater and microwave are included in prices. For self-contained travel trailers over 32 feet in length before 2002 refer to Hy-Line in the park model section. No longer producing this line after 2008.

(2011 - 1986)

5th Wheel

Hy-Line-RK 28'

Hy-Line-RK Power 28'

Hy-Line-RL 28'

Hy-Line-RL Power 28'

Hy-Line-RK 34'

Hy-Line-RK Power 34'

Hy-Line-RL 34'

Hy-Line-RL Power 34'

Hy-Line-RK 40'

Hy-Line-RK Power 40'

Hy-Line-RL 40'

Hy-Line-RL Power 40'

Travel Trailers

Hy-Line-SK 22'

Hy-Line-SK 25'

Hy-Line-FK 28'

Hy-Line-SK 28'

Hy-Line-FK 30'

Hy-Line-SK 30'

Hy-Line-SK2BFB 30'

Hy-Line-FK 32'

Hy-Line-SK 32'

Hy-Line-SK2BFB 32'

Founded in 1986, the Hy-Line line of recreational products consists of fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers and park models. Initially building travel trailers as small as 16 feet in length, the production capacity of Hy-Line would eventually include park models spanning up to 44 feet. Hy-Line products are best known for featuring flexible floor plan options that includes multiple slide-out section on many recent models. Enduring a series of ownership changes, the Hy-Line brand operates under H L Enterprise.