2000 Camplite by Damon Camping Trailer Prices and Specs

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Camplite by Damon Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - Values listed represent a fully equipped unit. For previous years information, see Camplite ind. For information after 2000 see Camplite by Keystone.

(2000 - 1996)

Camping Trailers

M-8 SD

M-8 UD

M-10 SG

M-10 SL

M-10 SLS

M-10 UD

M-12 SG

M-12 SL

M-12 UD

M-14 ST

M-2206 SL

M-2208 SL

M-2216 SLE

M-2217 SLE

M-2218 SL

M-2406 SLE

M-2408 SLE

Damon resurrected the Camplite Industries line in the 1996 model year. Camplite by Damon provided towable lightweight accommodations for the campground. Ranging between 17 and 24 feet in length, the camping trailers created under the Camplite by Damon banner provided efficient floor plans for an enjoyable vacation experience. The Camplite brand name of trailers would be produced under Keystone after the 2000 model year.