1999 Featherlite Vogue Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Featherlite Vogue Note

MOTORHOMES - Previously Vogue. We are not able to verify further pricing information after 1999.

(1999 - 1999)


M-5000 (450hp) 38' Non Slide

M-5000 (450hp) 40' Non Slide

M-5000 (450hp) 40' Slide

M-5000 (500hp) 45' Non Slide

M-5000 (500hp) 45' Slide

Acquiring the long-running Vogue motorhome name, lightweight trailer manufacturer Featherlite entered the motor coach market during the 1999 model year. Featherlite Vogue constructed 38-foot to 45-foot luxury Class A motorhomes featuring diesel engine power. The Featherlite Vogue name disappeared after one year in production but Featherlite would continue building motor coaches.