1999 Alpenlite Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Alpenlite Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - For model years 1998 and older, see Western Wilderness. No further information available after 2008.

(2008 - 1981)

Truck Campers

Cimarron LX850

Laramie LS850

Tahoe 8DX

Sierra 9DX

Odessa 9 Limited

Rainier 10DX

Durango 10 LTD

Laredo 10 Limited

Siskiyou 11DX

Pendleton 11 Limited

Silverton 11 Limited

Based under Western Recreational Vehicles Incorporated operating in the state of Washington, Alpenlite began as a name for hitch and fifth wheel travel trailers during the 1981 model year. Travel trailers ranging 15 to 40 feet would be manufactured under the Alpenlite name. In 1999, Alpenlite began adding the truck campers previously produced and sold under the Western Wilderness name. The Alpenlite brand would disappear after the 2008 model year.