1998 Bonair Prices, Values and Specs

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Bonair Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - No further information available after 1999. 1990 information not available

(1999 - 1983)

Camping Trailers


M-700 Mastercoach

M-800 XL


M-1000 Mastercoach

M-1050 XL


M-1200 Mastercoach

Park Models

BA 2950

Villa 3196

BA 3320

BA 3220

Villa 3896

5th Wheel

BA 19

BA 2260

BA 2650

Travel Trailers

BA 16 CD

BA 21 C

BA 2280

BA 2600

BA 2650

BA 2850

BA 2950 FKD

Mastercoach Series

MC 2650

MC 2850

Building their first recreational trailers in 1983, Bonair offered a wide range of small to medium-sized products. Featuring travel trailers, camping trailers, fifth wheel trailers and park model units, the Bonair line-up are catered to various levels of comfortable vacation living. Bonair concluded production of recreational vehicles after the 1999 model year.