1998 Auto Mate Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Auto Mate

MOTORHOMES - No longer manufacturing motor homes after 1985.

Select a 1998 Auto Mate Series

(2004 - 1973)

5th Wheel

M-26 G, H

M-27 E, F

M-29 E, F

M-29 G, H

M-29 K, L

M-29 M, N

M-30 E, F

M-31 M, N

M-31 R, B

M-32 F

M-32 G, H

M-32 N

M-35 F

M-35 G, H

M-35 J

M-35 K, L

M-35 R

M-36 N

Travel Trailers

M-24 C, D

M-26 A, B

M-28 A, B

M-29 A, B

M-32 A, B

M-33 A, B

M-33 I, J

M-34 B

Operating in the state of California, Auto Mate started in 1970 as a builder of travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers as well as Class A and Class C motorhomes. Dealing exclusively with vacation trailers after axing their motorhome business for the 1986 model year, Auto Mate operated as a factory direct recreational vehicle producer after 1991. After four decades of production, Auto Mate concluded business after the 2004 model year.