1997 Jayco Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 1997 Jayco Series

(2018 - 1969)

Camping Trailers

Eagle 8

Eagle 8 SD

Eagle 8 ST

Eagle 10

Eagle 10 LD

Eagle 10 UD



J-1006 ST RD





Eagle 12 FK

Eagle 12 UDK

J-1206 KB

J-1207 DD

J-1207 KB



Designer Series

M-2830 IB-Ford Widebody BM

M-2830 IB-Chevrolet Widebody BM

M-2940 FL-Ford Widebody BM

M-2940 FL-Chevrolet Widebody BM

M-3230 S-Ford Widebody BM

M-3240 FL-Ford Widebody BM

Eagle Series

M-211 RB-Ford

M-211 RB-Chevrolet

M-222 RK-Ford

M-222 RK-Chevrolet

M-231 RB-Ford

M-231 RB-Chevrolet

M-283 IB-Ford Widebody BM

M-283 IB-Chevrolet Widebody BM

M-294 FL-Ford Widebody BM

M-295 SB-Ford Widebody BM

M-294 FL-Chevrolet Widebody BM

M-295 SB-Chevrolet Widebody BM

M-323 S-Ford Widebody BM

M-324 FL-Ford Widebody BM

5th Wheel

Designer Series

M-2630 RK

M-2630 RKS

M-3030 RK

M-3030 RKS

M-3210 RL

M-3210 RLS

M-3230 RKS

M-3310 RLS

M-3430 RLS

M-3510 RLS

M-3530 RKS

M-3710 RLTS

Eagle Series

M-211 SL

M-223 SL

M-247 SL

M-241 RLS

M-253 RK

M-255 BH

M-263 RK

M-263 RKS

M-261 RL

M-261 RLS

M-277 RBS

M-285 RBS

M-303 RK

M-303 RKS

M-323 RKS

M-331 RLS

Travel Trailers

Designer Series

M-3020 FK

M-3120 FKS

M-3260 FBS

M-3420 FKS

Eagle Series

M-210 SL

M-230 SL

M-234 SL

M-250 FS

M-256 SL

M-246 FB

M-262 FK

M-264 BH

M-302 FK

M-304 BH

M-314 BHS

M-312 FKS

M-326 FBS

M-324 BH

M-342 FKS

M-376 FBS

Hawk Series

M-20 FS

M-20 RB

M-23 FS

M-24 BH

M-24 FB

M-24 RK

Truck Campers

Sportster 7D

Sportster 7DF

Sportster 8

Sportster 8D

Sportster 9 1/2 D

Founded in 1968, Jayco is advertised as “America’s Most Livable RVs” and furnishes the marketplace with an extensive range of portable, family recreational products. Starting their long-continuing production of camping trailers since the company’s inception, travel trailers, fifth wheel and motorhomes have been added to the Jayco line-up. Jayco was also involved in the production of park homes for a brief period of time. Jayco products offer a low maintenance design and a sizeable list of standard features.