1997 Itasca Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Itasca

MOTORHOMES - For information after 2016 please refer to Winnebago.
(*)These models include generator, water heater, roof air, awning and color TV.
(#)These models include generator, water heater and roof air.

Important note for 1997

MOTORHOMES - (*)These models include generator, water heater, roof air, awning and color TV.

Select a 1997 Itasca Series

(2016 - 1976)


Spirit Series

M-21RB-Chevrolet, Ford

M-21RB-Navistar Diesel

M-21RK-Chevrolet, Ford

M-21RK-Navistar Diesel

M-24RC-Chevrolet, Ford

M-24RC-Navistar Diesel


M-27RC-Navistar Diesel


M-29RQ-Navistar Diesel


M-31WU-Navistar Diesel

Suncruiser Series

M-30WQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-30WQ-Diesel (*)

M-30WQ-Vortec (*)

M-32WQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-32WQ-Vortec (*)

M-34RQ (*)

M-34WA-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-34WA-Vortec (*)

M-34WK-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-34WK-DieselD (*)

M-34WK-Vortec (*)

M-35WQ-Ford (*)

M-37RW (*)

Sundancer Series

M-29WQ-Ford (*)

M-29WQ-Navistar Diesel (*)

M-29WU-Ford (*)

M-29WU-Navistar Diesel (*)

M-31WQ-Ford (*)

M-31WQ-Navistar Diesel (*)

Sunrise Series



M-28RQ-Diesel (*)

M-29RQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-29RQ-Diesel (*)

M-29RQ-Vortec (*)

M-30RQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-30RQ-Diesel (*)

M-30RQ-Vortec (*)

M-31RQ-Chevrolet, Ford

M-31RQ-Diesel (*)

M-31RQ-Vortec (*)

M-32RQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-32RQ-Vortec (*)

M-28RQ-Chevrolet (*)

M-33RQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-33RQ-Vortec (*)

Part of Winnebago Industries Incorporated, the Itasca brand of motorhomes was introduced to the marketplace as a single 24-foot model in 1975. A brand that is said to present form and function together in their products, Itasca Class A and Class C motorhomes have been created with the highest construction principles. The SmartSpace design philosophy performed inside each Itasca vehicle insures the full capacity of the interior is used efficiently for storage and comfort. Itasca recreational vehicles are powered by gasoline and diesel powerplants.