1996 Winnebago Motorhome Prices and Specs

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1996 Note

MOTORHOMES - (*) These prices include generator, water heater, roof air, awning and exterior entertainment center.

(2017 - 1966)


Adventurer Series

M-30WQ (*)

M-30WQ-Diesel (*)

M-32WQ (*)

M-34RQ (*)

M-34RQ-Freightliner (*)

M-34WA (*)

M-34WK (*)

M-34WK-Freightliner (*)

M-34WQ (*)

M-34WQ-Freightliner (*)

M-36WQ-Freightliner (*)

M-37RW (*)

Brave Series



M-28RC-Chevrolet (*)

M-28RC-Diesel (*)

M-29RQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-29RQ-Diesel (*)

M-31RQ-Chevrolet,Ford (*)

M-31RQ-Diesel (*)

M-32RQ-Freightliner (*)

M-33RQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

Luxor Series

M-37WQ (*)

Minnie Winnie Series

M-321RB-Chevrolet, Ford

M-321RB-Navistar Diesel

M-321RK-Chevrolet, Ford

M-321RK-Navistar Diesel

M-324RC-Chevrolet, Ford

M-324RC-Navistar Diesel

M-327RC-Chevrolet, Ford

M-327RC-Navistar Diesel

M-329RQ-Chevrolet, Ford

M-329RQ-Navistar Diesel

M-429WQ-Ford (*)

M-429WU-Ford (*)

M-431WQ-Ford (*)

Rialta Series



Vectra Grand Tour Series

M-34WQ (*)

M-35WQ-Freightliner (**)

M-36WA (**)

Vectra Series

M-31RQ-Chevrolet,Ford (*)

M-33RQ-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-34RA-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

M-34RQ-Chevrolet (*)

M-34RQ-Freightliner (**)

M-35RQ-Freightliner (*)

M-37RW-Chevrolet, Ford (*)

Warrior Series






First appearing in 1960, Winnebago has grown to be an icon in the recreational vehicle industry. From the beginning, Winnebago pursued high attention to quality building furniture and components specific to their recreational vehicles. Initially building travel trailers, Winnebago built their first motorhome in 1966 that eventually blossomed into a firm reputation as the choice vacation vehicle for many adventurers. Winnebago motorhomes are sold in a more affordable Class C variety or the spacious Class A configuration. In 2008, the 400,000th Winnebago product rolled off their assembly line.