1996 Southwind Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Southwind Note

MOTORHOMES - For Storm information after 2000, refer to Storm.

1996 Note

MOTORHOMES - 1996 prices include VCR, microwave, trailer hitch, color TV, (2)air conditioners (1 A/C in model 30E), generator and wheel simulators. In addition to previous equipment, back-up camera is included in models 33R, 34L, 35P, 37Y. Levelers and CD player included in model 35P and 37Y. Washer/dryer included in model 37Y.

(2017 - 1975)


M-E (Chevrolet)

M-E (Ford)

M-G (Chevrolet)

M-G (Ford)

M-R (Chevrolet)

M-R (Ford)

M-L (Chevrolet)

M-L (Ford)

M-P (Ford)

M-LS (Chevrolet)

M-LS (Ford)

M-Y (Chevrolet)

M-Y (Ford)

Storm Series

M-Y (Chevrolet)

M-R (Chevrolet)

M-R (Ford)

M-V (Chevrolet)

M-V (Ford)

M-H (Chevrolet)

M-H (Ford)

M-W (Chevrolet)

M-W (Ford)

Southwind is one of the oldest, longest running brands in the Fleetwood RV line-up. Building Class A motorhomes, Southwind products are equipped with many of the amenities of home at the campground. Powered primarily with gasoline engine options, Southwind motorhomes are presented in lengths from 23.5 to 38 feet.