1996 Slumber Queen Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Slumber Queen Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - For pricing information after 2001, refer to Adventurer.

(2002 - 1994)

Truck Campers

Adventurer Series


M-80HL Standard Cab

M-80W Extended Cab

M-80W Standard Cab

M-810W Ext Cab

M-810W Standard Cab

M-810WS Extended Cab

M-810WS Standard Cab

M-100FWS Extended Cab

M-100WS Extended Cab

M-100WS Standard Cab

SLE Series

M-810WS Extended Cab

M-10.6WS Extended Cab

M-100WS Extended Cab

Constructing general family camping products, Slumber Queen came the recreational vehicle marketplace in 1994. Producer of truck campers, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and Class C motorhomes, Slumber Queen was based under Canadian-based Western Canada RV. The Slumber Queen line of truck campers and motorhomes were repositioned in 2002 under the Adventurer banner. Exclusively producing vacation trailers through the 2002 model year, the Slumber Queen name was retired following that run.