1996 Navette Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Navette Note

MOTORHOMES - Air conditioner, generator, microwave, VCR, color TV, and AM/FM cassette are included in price as standard equipment. No further information available after 1996.

(1996 - 1994)


Navette 26A,B

Navette 30A, B

Navette 30C Handicap

Constructing a unique-looking streamlined motorhome during the 1990s, Navette featured strong fuel economy from a diesel powerplant. Navette recreational vehicles were Class A motorhomes found in lengths of 26 and 30 feet. Production of Navette motorhomes was limited with only 16 vehicles built before the company’s owner illness forced closure of the operations. One Navette motorhome was supplied to breakfast cereal Kellogg’s designed to carry a Tony the Tiger balloon during a promotion.