1996 Monaco Prices, Values and Specs

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1996 Note

MOTORHOMES - (*) Add $8000.00 for 1996 models equipped with computerized dash.

(2017 - 1975)


Crown Royale Series

Signature 300hp (*)

Signature 400hp (*) 40'

Signature 400hp (*) 45'

Signature 500hp (*)

Dynasty Series

Duchess 230hp

Duchess 250hp

Duchess 300hp

Baron II 250hp

Baron II 300hp

Baron 250hp

Baron 300hp

Commodore 250hp

Commodore 300hp

Count 250hp

Count 300hp

Baron III 250hp

Baron III 300hp

Count III 250hp

Count III 300hp

GR Duchess 250hp

GR Duchess 300hp

Regent 250hp

Regent 300hp

Princess 250hp

Princess 300hp

Tycoon 250hp

Tycoon 300hp

Executive Series

Cummins 300hp 36'

Cummins 400hp 36'

Cummins 300hp 38'

Cummins 400hp 38'

Cummins 300hp 40'

Cummins 400hp 40'

Windsor Series

Cummins 230hp 32'

Cummins 230hp 34'

Cummins 250hp 34'

Cummins 230hp 36'

Cummins 250hp 36'

Founded in 1968 as Caribou Manufacturing Company, the beginning of Monaco started with the modest but successful business of building truck campers. Reformed as the Monaco Coach Corporation in 1977, the brand became recognized as a motorhome builder. First building Class C motorhomes, Monaco migrated into the construction of Class A motor coaches ranging up to 45 feet in length. The parent company Monaco filed for bankruptcy in 2009 but production was able to continue with assets being sold to Navistar Incorporation Corporation.