1996 Holiday Rambler Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Holiday Rambler Note

MOTORHOMES - Prices include leveling jacks, VCR, generator, air conditioner, awning and attic fan. Imperial and Navigator include washer/dryer, mobile theater system, leather love seat, side window, awnings and security safe.

(2017 - 1966)


Endeavor Series

M-30CB Ford

M-30CB Ford-Limited Edition

M-32CB Chevrolet

M-32CB Ford

M-32CB Ford-Limited Edition

M-33WG Ford

M-33WG Ford-Limited Edition

M-34CB Chevrolet

M-34CB Ford

M-34CB Ford-Limited Edition

M-34WGS Ford

M-34WGS Ford-Limited Edition

M-35CD Diesel

M-35CDS Diesel

M-36WB Ford

M-36WB Ford-Limited Edition

M-37CD Diesel

M-37CDS Diesel

M-37WD Diesel

M-37WDS Diesel

Imperial Series

M-36WD Spartan

M-37SD Spartan

M-37SDS Spartan

M-37WDS Spartan

M-39WD Spartan

M-39WDS Spartan

Navigator Series

M-38WD Spartan-300hp

M-38WD Spartan-400hp

M-40CD Spartan-300hp

M-40CD Spartan-400hp

M-40WD Spartan-300hp

M-40WD Spartan-400hp

M-40WDS 300hp

M-40WDS 400hp

Vacationer Series

M-31CB Chevrolet/Ford

M-33CS Ford

A popular product outfitter for the recreational vehicle market, Holiday Rambler was founded in 1953. Holiday Rambler rose to prominence innovating many industry-first features such as built-in refrigerators. Building Class A, Class B and Class C motorhomes, the product line-up of Holiday Rambler also includes trailers of the travel and fifth wheel variety. A company once owned by Harley-Davidson and Monaco Coach Corporation, Holiday Rambler is currently part of Navistar International.