1995 Safari Prices, Values and Specs

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Safari Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer producing this line after 2009.

(2009 - 1991)


Continental Series

M-3730, 3750, 3760

M-4030, 4050

M-4088, 4090

Ivory Series

M-35 (300hp)

M-35 (250hp)

M-37 (300hp)

M-40 (300hp)

Packages Series

Gold Coast




Sahara Series




Serengeti Series

M-35 (300hp)

M-35 (250hp)

M-37 (300hp)

M-40 (300hp)

Trek Series

M-2420, P-30, Diesel

M-2420, P-30, Gas

M-2430, P-30, Diesel

M-2430, P-30, Gas

M-2460, P-30, Diesel

M-2460, P-30, Gas

M-2820, P-30, Diesel

M-2820, P-30, Gas

M-2830, P-30, Diesel

M-2830, P-30, Gas

M-3030, P-30, Diesel

M-3040, P-72, Diesel

M-3060, P-30, Diesel

M-3060, P-30, Gas

M-3060, P-72, Diesel

M-3330, P-72, Diesel

M-3352, P-72, Diesel

Founded in 1986 as an independent motorhome builder in the state of Oregon, Safari eventually became part of the Monaco Coach Corporation. Safari focused on the construction of Class A and Class C adventure-oriented motorhomes. The Class A motorhomes in the Safari line ranges up to 45 feet in length. The Safari brand was discontinued after the 2009 model year when Monaco Coach Corporation was sold to Navistar.