1995 Play-Mor Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Play-Mor Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - (*)Air conditioner, awning, and microwave are included in price.

(2016 - 1975)

5th Wheel

Premier Series


M-2190 (*)

M-2300 Lo Profile LX (*)

M-2590 Lo Profile LX (*)

M-2593 LX (*)

M-2593 LX (*) Slide

M-2710 (*) LX

M-2710 LX (*)

M-2900 (*) LX

M-2900 LX (*)

M-3000 (*) LX

M-3000 LX (*)

M-3400 (*) LX

M-3400 LX (*)

Timber Creek Series


M-521 (*)

M-523GT Lo Profile

M-525 GT

M-525 GT Slide

M-526 GT

M-526 GT Lo Profile

M-528 GT

M-528 GT Slide

M-29 Sport

M-529 GT

M-529 GT Slide

M-530 GT

M-530 GT Slide

M-34 Sport

M-534 GT

M-534 GT Slide

M-37 Sport

Wind River Series

M-2190 (*)

M-2593 (*)

M-2593 (*)

M-2710 (*)

M-2710 (*) Slide

M-3000 (*)

M-3400 (*)

Travel Trailers

Premier Series


M-1900 (*)

M-2100 Aero (*)

M-2250 Aero LX (*)

M-2350 Aero LX (*)

M-2550FK LX (*)

M-2750FRB Aero LX (*)

M-2794 (*) LX

M-2950Aero ISL LX (*)

M-2950FK LX (*)

M-2950FRB Aero LX (*)

M-2950FRB ISL LX (*)

M-2950FRB LX (*)

M-2950FRB LX (*) Slide

M-2995 (*) LX

M-3250FK LX (*)

M-3250FK LX (*)

M-3250FK LX (*) Slide

M-3500 LX (*)

Timber Creek Series


M-1900 (*)

M-21 Sport

M-2100 Aero (*)

M-2250 Aero GT

M-2350 Aero GT

M-25 Sport

M-2550FK GT

M-2750FRB Aero GT

M-2794 GT

M-29 Sport

M-2950FK GT


M-2950FRB Aero GT

M-2950FRB Aero ISL

M-2950FRB GT

M-2950FRB Island


M-3250FK GT

M-3250FK GT Slide

M-33 Sport

Wind River Series

M-2100 Aero (*)

M-2350 Aero (*)

M-2550FK (*)

M-2750 Aero (*)

M-2794 (*)



A Westphalia, Missouri company, Play-Mor was founded in 1964 and continues to operate as a family business. Having constructed truck campers in the past and Park models, the focus of Play-Mor has been on trailers created for recreation as well as for hauling. Play-Mor currently offers fifth wheel trailers as well as travel trailers suited for amateur toy hauling and, most specifically, for the transportation of motorsport equipment.