1995 Pine Ridge Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Pine Ridge

PARK MODELS - No further information available after 1998.

Select a 1995 Pine Ridge Series

(1998 - 1992)

Park Models

Cedar Ridge Series

M-10 FLR


M-105 FLR

M-120 2 Bedroom Loft

M-125 1 Bedroom Loft

M-15 FLR

M-20 FLR

M-25 FLR

M-30 FLR

M-330 Elite

M-348-22 Elite

M-348-24 Elite

M-35 Elite Loft

M-35 FLR

M-378-111 Elite

M-378-333 Elite

M-386-60 Elite

M-390-02 Elite

M-390-05 Elite

M-390-05 Elite Slide

M-390-10 Elite

M-390-10 Elite Slide

M-390-40 Elite

M-390-42 Elite

M-390-50 Elite

M-390-50 Elite Slide

M-390-90 Elite

M-392-84 Elite

M-40 FLR

M-434/330-33 EL

M-45 FLR


M-50 RB

M-55 FK

M-60 FLR

M-65 FLR


M-75 FBR

M-80 FK

M-85 FK

M-90 WTK

M-95 CBR

M-Center Loft

Pine Ridge Series

M-100 FLR

M-200 FK

M-100 Plus

M-20 FK

M-150 FLR

M-250 FK

M-300 FLR

M-400 BH

M-150 Plus

M-250 FK 8'5" Wide

M-300 FLR 8'5" Wide

M-400 BH 8'5" Wide

M-600 FLR

M-600 FLR 8'5" Wide

Entering the park model unit market in 1992, Pine Ridge built a sizable range of mobile vacation accommodations over a 7-year time period. With park models spanning from 35 to 45 feet in length, Pine Ridge products are suited as summer residences. Pine Ridge park models ended production after the 1998 model year.