1995 Jayco Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 1995 Jayco Series

(2018 - 1969)

Camping Trailers

Eagle 8

Eagle 8 SD

Eagle 10

Eagle 10 ST

Eagle 10 UD


J-1006 ST


Eagle 12 UD



King 6 SD


Cardinal SD

Eagle 12 KB

Eagle 12 UDK

J-1206 KB

J-1207 KB


Designer Series

M-2110 RB-Chevrolet

M-2110 RB-Ford

M-2220 RK-Chevrolet

M-2310 RB-Chevrolet

M-2220 RK-Ford

M-2310 RB-Ford

M-2830 IB-Ford

M-2940 FL-Ford

M-2950 SB-Ford

M-2960 DB-Ford

Eagle Series

M-211 RB-Chevrolet

M-211 RB-Ford

M-222 RK-Chevrolet

M-231 RB-Chevrolet

M-222 RK-Ford

M-231 RB-Ford

M-283 IB-Ford

M-294 FL-Ford

M-295 SB-Ford

M-296 DB-Ford

5th Wheel

Eagle SL 207

Eagle SL 219

Eagle SL 211

Eagle SL 241

Eagle SL 247

Eagle 253 RK

Eagle 255 BH

Designer 2630 RK

Designer 2630RK

Eagle 263 RK

Eagle 263 RK Slide

Designer 2770RB

Eagle 277 RB

Designer 3030 RK

Designer 3030RK

Eagle 303 RK

Eagle 303 RK Slide

Designer 3210 RLR

Designer 3210RLR

Eagle 321 RLR

Eagle 321 RLR Slide

Designer 3430RK

Eagle 343 RK

Travel Trailers

Eagle SL 210

Eagle SL 230

Eagle SL 240

Eagle SL 244

Eagle 260 FS

Designer 2600 FS

Designer 2620 FK

Eagle 262 FK

Eagle 264 BH

Designer 3020 FK

Eagle 302 FK

Eagle 304 BH

Eagle 310 FS

Designer 3100FS

Designer 3120FK

Designer 3220 FK

Eagle 312 FK

Eagle 322 FK

Designer 3420FK

Eagle 242 FK

Designer 3500 FS

Eagle 350 FS

Eagle 376 FB

Truck Campers

Sportster 7

Sportster 8

Sportster 9 1/2

Founded in 1968, Jayco is advertised as “America’s Most Livable RVs” and furnishes the marketplace with an extensive range of portable, family recreational products. Starting their long-continuing production of camping trailers since the company’s inception, travel trailers, fifth wheel and motorhomes have been added to the Jayco line-up. Jayco was also involved in the production of park homes for a brief period of time. Jayco products offer a low maintenance design and a sizeable list of standard features.