1995 Camplite Ind Camping Trailer Prices and Specs

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Camplite Ind Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - For information after 1995, see Camplite by Damon.

(1995 - 1994)

Camping Trailers

M-1710 G

M-1710 N

M-1710 SL

M-1910 G

M-1910 N

M-1910 SL

M-1910 SLX

A camping trailer builder founded in 1994, Camplite Industries produced two sizes of recreational vehicles designed to sleep up to 8 occupants. Manufactured for two model years, Camplite Industries ceased operations after the 1995 model year. Camping trailers associated with the company would be produced by Damon and Keystone in the years following the closure of Camplite Industries.