1994 Princeton by Damon Park Model Prices and Specs

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Princeton by Damon Note

PARK MODELS - No longer producing this model after 1994.

(1994 - 1994)

Park Models

M-835 FRB

M-1238 2BR

M-1238 CB

M-1238 FBB

M-1238 FDB

M-1238 FDR

M-1238 FLR

M-1238 FRB

M-1238 JJ

M-1238 SS

M-1238 SSBB

M-1238 SSJJ

M-840 FDB

M-840 FDB-DS

M-840 FDR

M-840 FK-MS

M-840 FL-MS

M-840 FLR

M-840 FRB

M-840 FRB-BH

M-840 FRB-DB

M-840 FRB-DN

M-840 FRB-DS

A builder of park model units, Princeton brand name products were created under the Damon Corporation. During the 1994 model year, Princeton by Damon created park models between 35 and 40 feet in length suited for long-term vacationing. Princeton by Damon ended production after a single model year.