1994 Hi Lo Prices, Values and Specs

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Hi Lo Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer producing motor homes.
(Model years 2010 - 1966)

Travel Trailers

FunLite 195L 19' 7'8" Travel Trailers 2 2890 Yes
FunLite 21FLL 21' 7'8" Travel Trailers 2 3000 Yes
Hi-Lo 22L 22' 7'10" Travel Trailers 2 4265 Yes
FunLite 23FLL 23' 7'8" Travel Trailers 2 3450 Yes
Hi-Lo 26BR 26' 7'10" Travel Trailers 2 4880 Yes
Hi-Lo 26RD 26' 7'10" Travel Trailers 2 4880 Yes
Hi-Lo 31B 31' 7'10" Travel Trailers 2 5700 Yes
A recreational trailer builder founded in 1955, Hi Lo has become an icon in the industry for its telescoping motion. Building travel trailers up to 31 feet in length, Hi Lo products are admirable for stable towing as well as comfortable campground living. Hi Lo also briefly produced the Mohican Class C motorhomes during the mid-1980s and the Tow Lite brand of travel trailers starting in the 2003 model year. Hurt by economic conditions, Hi Lo ended production after 2010 but a new buyer for the company plans to restart the popular trailer business.