1994 Bounder Motorhome Prices and Specs

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1994 Note

MOTORHOMES - 1994 prices include (2)color TV's, (2)air conditioners (1 air conditioning in model 28T), VCR, generator and wheel simulators. In addition to previous equipment, models 37X, 32HD and 32JD include levelers, power mirrors, and back up camera. Washer/Dryer included in model 37X.

(2017 - 1986)


M-28T (Chevrolet)

M-28T (Ford)

M-31K (Chevrolet)

M-31K (Ford)

M-32H (Chevrolet)

M-32H (Ford)

M-32H (Oshkosh) Diesel

M-34C (Chevrolet)

M-34C (Ford)

M-34J (Chevrolet)

M-34J (Ford)

M-36J (Oshkosh)

M-36P (Oshkosh)

M-37X (Chevrolet)

M-37X (Ford)

A brand named from a suggestion of a journalist, Fleetwood Enterprises built the first Bounder motorhome in 1985. Between 20.5 and 40 feet in length, Bounder Class A motorhomes providing a choice of gasoline or diesel engines. The Bounder line of recreational vehicles has continued to be a popular motorhome for campers and vacationing families.