1994 Airex Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Airex

MOTORHOMES - For information after 1994, refer to Rexhall.

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(1994 - 1987)


AerBus S526

AerBus S528

Airex S626

Airex S628

AerBus S529

AerBus S530

Airex S630

Airex S629

AerBus S531

Airex S631

AerBus S533

Airex S633

AerBus S538

Airex S638

Widebody Series

AerBus XL2800

Airex SL2800

AerBus XL2900

AerBus XL3000

Airex SL2900

Airex SL3000

AerBus XL3200

Airex SL3200

AerBus XL3300

AerBus XL3400

Airex SL3300

Airex SL3400

AerBus XL3500

AerBus XL3600

Airex SL3500

Airex SL3600

Founded in 1986, Airex created a series of Class A motorhomes. Ranging from 24 to 39 feet in length, Airex motorhomes offers all the amenities a vacationing family can expect. Airex would be known as Rexhall Industries after the 1994 model year.