1993 Europremier Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Europremier Note

MOTORHOMES - Formerly listed as Eurocoach. No longer manufacturing this line after 1995.

(1995 - 1991)


Front Door Series

M-342-QB (250hp)

M-367-QB (250hp)

M-381-QB (250hp)

M-381-QB (300hp)

M-382-QB (250hp)

M-382-QB (300hp)

M-388-QB (250hp)

M-388-QB (300hp)

Side Door Series

M-232-QB (250hp)

M-357-QB (250hp)

M-371-QB (250hp)

M-371-QB (300hp)

M-372-QB (250hp)

M-372-QB (300hp)

M-378-QB (250hp)

M-378-QB (300hp)

Previously known as Eurocoach, Europremier motorhomes were produced from 1991 to 1995. Europremier Class A motorhomes were sold in lengths 33 to 37.5 feet featuring all the interior amenities needed for relaxing vacationing on the road. Europremier are powered by diesel powerplants.