1993 Airex Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Airex Note

MOTORHOMES - For information after 1994, refer to Rexhall.

(1994 - 1987)


Airex 723

Airex CN24

Concord IB24

Concord TB24

Vision IB24

Vision TB24

AerBus 526

AerBus 527

Airex 827

Airex PT27

Concord PT27

Vision PT27

AerBus 528

Airex IB28

Airex IB29

AerBus 530

Concord IB30

Vision IB30

Airex 829-I

Airex 930

Airex IB30

AerBus 531

Airex 931

Concord XL32

Vision XL32

AerBus 534

Airex 934

AerBus 538

Founded in 1986, Airex created a series of Class A motorhomes. Ranging from 24 to 39 feet in length, Airex motorhomes offers all the amenities a vacationing family can expect. Airex would be known as Rexhall Industries after the 1994 model year.