1992 Cascade Campers Ltd Prices, Values and Specs

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Cascade Campers Ltd Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - Formerly cascade coach. No further information available after 1994.

(1994 - 1986)

Truck Campers

M-7 Import Deluxe

M-7 1/2 Commanche

M-8 Dakota Deluxe

M-8 Sportsman

M-8 Standard

M-8 1/2 Deluxe

M-8 SC

M-9 1/2

M-9 1/2 SC

M-9 1/2 SCX

M-10 SC

M-10 1/2 SC

M-11 1/2 SC

M-11 1/2 SCX

Created in 1986 from Cascade Coach, Cascade Campers Limited constructed truck campers designed for mid-sized and full-sized pickup truck beds. Cascade Campers Limited product line of truck campers offers some self-contained models for more portable, worry-free vacationing. Cascade Campers Limited produced their final truck campers during the 1994 model year.