1991 Lindy Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Lindy Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer manufacturing this model.

(1991 - 1974)


M-1855 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2002 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2002 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2002 (Ford-351)

M-2002 (Ford-460)

M-2004 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2004 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2004 (Ford-351)

M-2004 (Ford-460)

M-2041 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2041 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2041 (Ford-351)

M-2041 (Ford-460)

M-2311 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2311 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2311 (Ford-351)

M-2311 (Ford-460)

M-2331 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2331 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2331 (Ford-351)

M-2331 (Ford-460)

M-2355 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2355 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2355 (Ford-351)

M-2355 (Ford-460)

M-2421 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2421 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2421 (Ford-351)

M-2421 (Ford-460)

M-2431 (Chevrolet-350)

M-2431 (Chevrolet-454)

M-2431 (Ford-351)

M-2431 (Ford-460)

M-2600 (Ford-460)

M-2612 (Ford-460)

M-2621 (Ford-460)

M-2631 (Ford-460)

Operating under Skyline Corporation since the 1970s, Lindy existed as a builder of affordable family motorhomes. Lindy Class C motorhomes ranged in length from 17 to 26 feet providing all the essentials for easy campground living. The final Lindy motorhome was built during the 1991 model year.