1991 Jayco Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 1991 Jayco Series

(2018 - 1969)

Camping Trailers

J-Series 806

J-Series 806 SD

Jay Dove 6

Jay Thrush

J-Series 1006

J-Series 1008 SG

J-Series 1206, 1208

Jay King 6 SD

Jay King Deluxe

J-Series 1406

Jay Cardinal

Jay Cardinal SD


M-2300 RB/S/CC-Chevrolet

M-2300 RBDB-Chevrolet

M-2300 RB/S/CC-Ford

M-2300 RBDB-Ford

M-2600 CBDB-Ford

M-2600 RB/S/CC/D-Ford

M-2600 RBDB-Ford

M-2700 CBDB-Ford

M-2700 IB-Ford

Designer Series

M-24 RBDB-Ford

M-26 RB/S/CC/D

M-26 RBDB-Ford

M-27 CB

M-27 IB

5th Wheel

Eagle 245 CB

J-2450 CB




Crane RK

Crane RK

Crane RK

Eagle 285 RK SU

J-2850 RK SU

Crane RK,B

Crane RK,B

Crane S/CC/D

Eagle 305 SU

J-3050 S/CC/D SU

Crane FLR,B

Eagle 325 RK SU

J-3250 RK SU

Crane WTB LK

Crane WTB LK,B

Travel Trailers

Eagle 180

Eagle 220 CB

Eagle 245 BH

Eagle 250 FS

J-2500 FS

Eagle 280 FK

J-2800 FK

Swan FK

Swan WTB

Eagle 300 FK

Eagle 300 FS

J-3000 FK

J-3000 FS

Eagle 325 FK

Eagle 325 RK

Hawk FK

Hawk FS

J-3250 FK

J-3250 RK


Eagle 350 FK BH

Eagle 350 FS

J-3500 FK BH

J-3500 FS

Eagle 360 FB RD

J-3600 FB RD

Truck Campers

Sportster 7

Hunter 850

Sportster 8

Sportster 9 1/2

Hunter 950

Hunter 950 Eco

Hunter 1150

Hunter 1150 Eco

Founded in 1968, Jayco is advertised as “America’s Most Livable RVs” and furnishes the marketplace with an extensive range of portable, family recreational products. Starting their long-continuing production of camping trailers since the company’s inception, travel trailers, fifth wheel and motorhomes have been added to the Jayco line-up. Jayco was also involved in the production of park homes for a brief period of time. Jayco products offer a low maintenance design and a sizeable list of standard features.