1991 Country Charm Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Country Charm

PARK MODELS - For 1997-1999 information, refer to Travel Line Enterprises. For information after 2000, refer to TL Industries Inc.

Select a 1991 Country Charm Series

(2000 - 1987)

Park Models


M-35-1 Bedroom

M-35-2 Bedroom

M-35-2 Bedroom, Bunkhouse

M-35-2 Front Bedrooms

M-39-1 Bedroom

M-39-2 Bedroom

M-39-2 Bedroom, Bunkhouse

M-39-2 Front Bedroom

Travel Trailers





M-35SC-1 Bedroom

M-35SC-2 Bedroom

M-35SC-2 Bedroom, BH

M-35SC-2 Front Bedroom

M-39SC-1 Bedroom

M-39SC-2 Bedroom

M-39SC-2 Bedroom, BH

M-39SC-2 Front Bedroom

A producer of park model and travel trailers, Country Charm first entered the marketplace in 1987. Between 23 and 44 feet, the travel trailers created by Country Charm were crafted for weeklong vacationing. Country Charm would be incorporated into TL Industries after the 2000 model year.