1990 Falcon Prices, Values and Specs

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Falcon Note

MOTORHOMES - No further information available after 1996.

1990 Note

MOTORHOMES - For 1990, add $2050.00 to models equipped with Ford turbo diesel. Add $900.00 to models equipped with Chevy diesel.

(1996 - 1984)


M-170-RLF (Chevrolet)

M-170-RLF (Ford)

M-170-SLF (Chevrolet)

M-170-SLF (Dodge)

M-170-SLF (Ford)

M-190-CLF (Chevrolet)

M-190-CLF (Dodge)

M-190-CLF (Ford)

M-190-LDF (Chevrolet)

M-190-LDF (Dodge)

M-190-LDF (Ford)

M-190-SBF (Chevrolet)

M-190-SBF (Dodge)

M-190-SBF (Ford)

M-190-SLF (Chevrolet)

M-190-SLF (Dodge)

M-190-SLF (Ford)

M-190-TBF (Chevrolet)

M-190-TBF (Dodge)

M-190-TBF (Ford)

Entering the recreational vehicle marketplace in 1984, Falcon built Class B design motorhomes. Using Ford, General Motors and Dodge van platforms for the basis of their motorhomes, Falcon products were offered in 17-foot and 19-foot lengths. Falcon concluded production of their Class B motorhomes after the 1996 model year.