1990 Casita Prices, Values and Specs

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(2017 - 1981)

Travel Trailers

M-13 Non Self Contained

M-13 Self Contained

M-16 Bunk Bed Self Contained

M-16 Non Self Contained

M-16 Self Contained Center Lounge

M-16 Self Contained King Bed

In the business of producing travel trailers since 1981, Casita has remained purposeful in creating economical but capable recreational vehicles. Ranging from 13 to 17 feet in length, the travel trailers sold by Casita features well-insulated cabins as well as lightweight, aerodynamic design maximizing fuel economy while being towed. The travel trailers of Casita are built on steel frame around a fiberglass shell. Casita trailers can sleep up to 6 occupants with some models also providing a king-sized bed.