1988 Avalon RV Prices, Values and Specs

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Avalon RV Note

PARK MODELS - No further information available after 1992.

(1992 - 1987)

Park Models

M-100 Slick Side

M-120 2 Bedroom

M-290 Slick Side

M-360 Slick Side

M-365 Slick Side

M-460 2 Bedroom Rear Bunk

M-460B 2 Master Bedrooms

M-70 Slick Side

M-80 2 Bedroom

M-530, 575

M-540-3, 600

M-540-B, 540-2

M-521 1 Bedroom

M-522 2 Bedroom

Travel Trailers


M-SC230 1/2 Dinette

M-SC230 Front Dinette

M-SC230 Front Sofa

M-SC230 Hideabed

M-SC30 Sky Lounge

M-SC640 Front Kitchen

M-SC60 Hideabed

M-SC60 Side Dinette

M-SC630 Front Kitchen

M-SC100 Hideabed

M-SC100 Sofa With Tipout

M-SC250 Hideabed

M-SC250 Side Dinette

M-SC420 2 Bedroom Bunk

M-SC490 Front Kitchen

M-SC570 Front Kitchen

M-SC360S Front Sofa

Building travel trailers and park model units, Avalon RV began production in the 1987 model year. Avalon RV travel trailers span between 15 and 35 feet while the park models range from 15 to 40 feet in length. The final Avalon RV products were made during the 1992 model year.