1987 Texson Camping Trailer Prices and Specs

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Texson Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - Previously Bethany. No longer manufacturing camping trailers after 1987.
(Model years 1997 - 1966)

Camping Trailers

Compact 560 13'7" 6' 1125 6
Citation 760 16'8" 6' 1540 6
A Waterloo, Iowa company founded in 1955, Texson was created as a father and son business focused on the construction of recreational units. Producing truck campers from the start, Texson also built a line of camping trailers briefly during the 1980s. Texson decades of success in the marketplace was the result of building quality, family recreational products using modern materials. Remaining in the Willett family for over 40 years, Texson was reformed into Northstar campers after the 1997 model year.