1987 Jubilee Prices, Values and Specs

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Jubilee Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer manufacturing this model after 1988.

(1988 - 1985)


M-200RB, Chevrolet

M-200RB, Ford


M-250DD, Chevrolet

M-250DD, Ford

M-250RB, Chevrolet

M-250RB, Ford

M-250RDB, Chevrolet

M-250RDB, Ford

M-270FL, Chevrolet

M-270FL, Ford

M-270RDB, Chevrolet

M-270RDB, Ford

M-270RTB, Chevrolet

M-270RTB, Ford


During the early-to-mid 1980s, Class A and Class C motorhomes were produced under the Jubilee brand name by Mobile Traveler Incorporated. Over four years of production, the Jubilee line of motorhomes was offered in lengths from 20 to 36 feet. Jubilee motorhome production ended after the 1988 model year.