1987 Aluma-Lite Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Aluma-Lite Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer manufacturing this model.

1987 Note

MOTORHOMES - Add $1200.00 to 1987 models equipped with XL package.
(Model years 1997 - 1982)


M-24SB, FB, RB 24' Mini Motor Home (Class C) Side Bathroom Yes
M-26RB, SB 26' Mini Motor Home (Class C) Rear Bathroom Yes
M-26WB, SB 26' Motor Home (Class A) Split Kitchen Yes
M-27WB, SB 27' Mini Motor Home (Class C) Split Kitchen Yes
M-28WB, SB 28' Motor Home (Class A) Split Kitchen Yes
M-28WBLK 28' Motor Home (Class A) Front Lounge Yes
M-30WB, SB, RB 30' Motor Home (Class A) Split Kitchen Yes
M-33CB, Widebody 33' Motor Home (Class A) Front Lounge Yes
M-33RB, CL, CS 33' Motor Home (Class A) Rear Bathroom Yes
M-36CB 36' Motor Home (Class A) Queen Bed Yes
Aluma-Lite was created in 1982 as a producer of aluminum trailers and motorized vehicles for traveling adventures. Featuring a line-up of hitch and fifth wheel travel trailers, towable Aluma-Lite products ranged from 19 to 40 feet in length. Motorhomes are produced by Aluma-Lite from 1982 to 1994 ranging between 20 and 36 feet in length. After 1997, the Aluma-Lite name operates within the Holiday Rambler company.