1985 Shasta Camping Trailer Prices and Specs

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Shasta Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - No longer producing camping trailers after 1986.
(Model years 2011 - 1967)

Camping Trailers

M-130 10'9" 6'7" 700 4
M-160 12' 6'7" 850 6
M-165 12' 6'7" 900 6
M-185 13'8" 6'7" 1040 6
A company established in 1941 as a supplier of mobile military housing, Shasta realized the growing recreational vehicle market after the Second World War. Becoming a popular brand for road-going vacationers as well as weekend campers, travel trailers, camping trailers, fifth wheel trailers and Class C motorhomes were constructed by the brand. The Shasta brand name currently operates inside the Forest River Incorporated company.