1984 Layton Park Model Prices and Specs

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Layton Note

PARK MODELS - 1995-current prices include microwave, awning, water heater and air conditioner are standard equipment in the Deluxe models.
(Model years 2016 - 1971)

Park Models

M-3530A, B 35' 7'6" 2 0 No
M-3540A, B 35' 7'6" 2 0 No
M-3730A, B 37' 7'6" 2 0 No
M-3740A, B 37' 7'6" 2 0 No
M-4050A, B 40' 7'6" 2 0 No
A product of Skyline Corporation, Layton offers a line-up of travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and park models. Building trailers between 15 and 42 feet in length, Layton products are ideal for family camping trips. The one-piece roof and welded aluminum frame covered with fiberglass on Layton trailers insures good fuel economy while towing. Layton park model units range in sizes between 32 and 46 feet featuring characteristics ideal for longer vacation stays.