1984 Apollo Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Apollo Note

MOTORHOMES - No further information available after 1990.

(1990 - 1970)


Apollo-3000 DB, RB, IB

Apollo-3300 DB, RB

Apollo-3300 IB-A-B

Apollo-3300 QB

Apollo-3500 IB, DB

Apollo-3500 Party

Sceptre 250 Turbo

Sceptre 8.2L DDA

A producer of Class A motorhomes, Apollo came into existence in the 1970s. Apollo was one of the more popular entrants in a recreational vehicle category with motorhomes ranging from 26 to 35 feet in length. Losing out to growing motorhome competition through the 1980s, the final Apollo products were sold in the 1990 model year.