1983 Sportsmen Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Sportsmen Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - 1995-current prices include AM/FM cassette, water heater, air conditioner, awning, microwave and monitor panel are included in price. Ultra Lite, Coyote and Sport models represent a base price only, however water heater included. For informaton on Coyote, MXT and Frontier, please see individual listings for each line.
(Model years 2018 - 1980)

Travel Trailers

M-16FD, SD 16' 7'9" Travel Trailers 1 1700 Yes
M-18FD 18' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 2400 Yes
M-21FD, RD 21' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 2600 Yes
M-24FD, RD, RB 24' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 3100 Yes
M-29SB 29' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4000 Yes
M-32SB 32' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4200 Yes
M-32SD 32' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4200 Yes
M-35SD 35' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4400 Yes
Sportsmen came into existence in the early 1980s largely focused around the manufacturing of truck campers, fifth wheel and travel trailers. Constructed by KZ Company, Sportsmen recreational products are recognized as family camping vehicles employing a simple, high quality design. The Sportsmen name also briefly attached to park model units ranging from 38 to 41 feet in length.