1983 Kit Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Kit Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - 1995-current prices include rubber roof, awning and water heater.
(*)These prices also include air conditioner, microwave, TV antenna, and AM/FM cassette.
(**)These prices also include fiberglass caps. Millennium series includes all the above stated equipment. For further pricing information, refer to extreme rv's listing.

(2003 - 1970)

5th Wheel

Companion 177V

Road Ranger 176V

Companion 212V

Road Ranger 213V

Companion 247V

Road Ranger 246V

Road Ranger 273C

Classic 290V

Road Ranger 293V

Road Ranger 297V

Road Ranger 336V

Classic 362V

Road Ranger 367V

Travel Trailers

Companion 172

Companion 179

Road Ranger 173

Road Ranger 180

Classic 196

Companion 195

Road Ranger 192

Road Ranger 193

Companion 211

Road Ranger 210

Classic 215

Companion 214

Road Ranger 217

Classic 223

Companion 222

Road Ranger 226

Classic 236

Classic 239

Companion 235

Companion 237

Road Ranger 237

Road Ranger 238

Classic 244

Companion 243

Road Ranger 245

Classic 252

Companion 251

Road Ranger 250

Road Ranger 252

Classic 281

Classic 286

Companion 285

Road Ranger 280

Road Ranger 294

Road Ranger 335

Founded in 1945, Kit Manufacturing Company grew quickly into a mobile home and recreational product builder based in Long Beach, California. While a majority of Kit sales were based on the park and mobile homes in early years, the company’s travel trailers, fifth wheel, truck campers and Class C motorhomes eventually rose to become the leading endeavor for the business. Despite remaining competitive in the recreational vehicle industry through the 1990s, Kit production concluded after the 2003 model year when they sold the company Extreme RVs.