1983 Beach-Craft Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Beach-Craft Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer in business after 1988.

(1988 - 1973)


M-25 Cust-Diesel

M-25 Cust-Gas

M-27 Cust-Diesel

M-27 Cust-Gas

M-29 Sup-Diesel

M-29 Sup-Gas

M-31 Sup-Diesel

M-31 Sup-Gas

M-33 Sup-Diesel

M-33 Sup-Gas

Elite Series

M-30 Sup-Diesel

M-30 Sup-Gas

M-34 Sup-Diesel

M-34 Sup-Gas

M-36 Sup-Diesel

M-36 Sup-Gas

An Elkhart, Indiana-based recreational vehicle builder of Class A motorhomes, Beach-Craft was founded in the early 1970s. Beach-Craft motorhomes range in from 22 to 36 feet in length utilizing designs optimized for comfort and safety. Beach-Craft motorhome production ended after the 1988 model year.