1982 Serro Scotty Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Serro Scotty Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Due to a factory fire, did not manufacture RV's in 1998. No longer in production after 1997.
(Model years 1997 - 1970)

Travel Trailers

M-13 Lite 13' 6'4" Travel Trailers 1 992 No
M-14 Hilander 14' 6'4" Travel Trailers 1 1185 No
M-14 Hilander SC 14' 6'4" Travel Trailers 1 1300 Yes
M-15 Hilander 15' 7' Travel Trailers 1 1660 No
M-16 Deluxe 16' 7'9" Travel Trailers 1 2400 Yes
M-16 Hilander 16' 7'9" Travel Trailers 1 2140 Yes
M-18 Deluxe 18' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 3010 Yes
M-26 Twin Bed 26'6" 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4080 Yes
M-32 Rear Bedroom 32' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 5000 Yes
A recreational product company founded in 1957, Serro Scotty has a long-running history in the construction of travel trailers. Producing lightweight travel trailers exclusively up to the 1990 model year, the Serro Scotty brand was extended to fifth wheel trailers, park model and to Class C motorhomes in 1995. A devastating fire in 1997 at the Serro Scotty plant in Irwin, Pennsylvania would ultimately end the company’s 40-year history in supplying recreational vehicles. Popularity of the Serro Scotty name provoked the foundation for the National Serro Scotty Organization club as well as interest from another businessman in 2007 to resume usage of the brand for a separate company.