1981 Aristocrat Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Aristocrat Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - No longer in production after 1981.
(Model years 1988 - 1970)

Travel Trailers

Aristocrat-C 13'6" 7' Travel Trailers 1 1650 Yes
Aristocrat-B 16' 7' Travel Trailers 2 1980 Yes
Aristocrat-G 18' 7' Travel Trailers 2 2770 Yes
Aristocrat-E 21' 7' Travel Trailers 2 3090 Yes
Aristocrat-S 22' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 3225 Yes
Aristocrat-R 27' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4010 Yes
Aristocrat-T, X 27' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4010 Yes
Aristocrat-Y 29' 7'9" Travel Trailers 2 4075 Yes
Founded in 1956, Aristocrat is a California-based recreational vehicle maker that would greatly expand to several manufacturing outlets to cope with popularity. Aristocrat initial growth was attributed to a small luxury travel trailer called the Lo-Liner designed to be mobile but compact enough to store in a garage. Aristocrat was best known for creating a wide array of travel trailers but also produced truck campers that were discontinued after the 1978 model year. Aristocrat production of travel trailers ended in 1981 but the company would briefly resume ultimately unsuccessful in the late 1980s as a Class A motorhome builder.